Best Dash Cam for Truckers Consumer Reports 2021 Reviews

Are you pondering about best dash cam for truckers consumer reports in 2021? Because if you are a truck owner in UK or Australia and your drivers drive trucks 24×7 so you must need a dash cam which is perfect for commercial vehicles.

Many truck drivers drive from state to state in different weather conditions and their owner’s wants best truck dashboard camera systems which help them in different weather.

Benefit of dash cam recorder is you can easily see how the accident occurs or see all the activities which are occurred around your truck. It gives the main evidence to insurance agencies and they insured their loss.

Best Dash Cam For Truckers
Best Dash Cam For Truckers

However, small investment in a dash cam for trucks will help you on road but how the top rated dash camera you choose is a big question? So here my team helps you for choosing the best dash cam for pickup trucks.

They review different products and checked their quality, use their maximum time on one product after that write the top 10 dashboard camera for semi trucks. You just need to check their different requirements like what is the weather condition where your trucks gone or are you need both front and rear dash cam for check all activities which are performing around your truck.

List of Best Affordable Dash Cam For Truckers in 2021

  • Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam
  • KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dashboard Camera with Gravity Sensor
  • OldShark HD Car Dash Camera Recorder
  • Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision
  • Anker Roav DashCam C1 1080P FHD, WDR
  • AUKEY Dash Cam Full HD 1080P, 2 inches LCD
  • Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Dash Cam with HD Rear Camera
  • AUKEY Dashboard Camera, 6-Lane 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • Garmin Dash Cam 65, 1080p 2.0″ LCD Screen
  • Vantrue X3 WiFi Dash Camera

Top Rated Best Quality Dash Cam For Truckers Consumer Reports

SR. No#Product NamePrice
1Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam Check Price
2KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dashboard Camera with Gravity Sensor Check Price
3OldShark HD Car Dash Camera Recorder Check Price
4Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision Check Price
5Anker Roav DashCam C1 1080P FHD, WDR Check Price
6AUKEY Dash Cam Full HD 1080P, 2 inches LCD Check Price
7Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Dash Cam with HD Rear Camera Check Price
8AUKEY Dashboard Camera, 6-Lane 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Check Price
9Garmin Dash Cam 65, 1080p 2.0" LCD Screen Check Price
10Vantrue X3 WiFi Dash Camera Check Price

Best Backup Camera for Truck

#1. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam
Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Rexing is a good brand in dash cams and it offers many features. One of the great model in this brand is Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera Recorder which has Wide Dynamic Technology which provides you the safety on every step. You can easily fix this dash cam with the use of 3M adhesive tapes. Usually, it is one of the best semi truck camera systems nowadays.

Its camera lens has Sony Exmor IMX323 video sensor which is not only good in day light also give good result in night drives. If you are driving under low light conditions or any weather changing like raining or any fogy night condition you can easily adjust the setting. It is the best dash cam for hot climate.

If we talk about its external beauty so firstly talked about its screen which is 2.4 inch LCD TFT and its resolution is 1920 x 1080. This screen has 6 layer glass lens which covers 170 degree field of vision so wherever you fixed this dash cam you can receive a full HD vision. Rexing V1 dash cam is also good for audio recording without any noise and it is one of the best high resolution dash cam.

Moreover, this dash cam has continuously loop system which means it overwriting old data and replacing it with a new video. If any accident occurs then G-sensor feature will helped and it locked video data which cannot be overwritten. G-sensor alarms you to be ready for any collision like it might be happen while you parked your truck.

Overall, it is the top heat resistant dash cam because it can stand at 140 degrees operating temperature. Therefore, it makes safe for all time driving. It can be able to support micro SD Card of up to 256 GB which is good for trucker drivers to safe the data.


  • 170 degree view
  • 6-layers glass lens
  • Loop Recording
  • G-Sensor
  • Wide Dynamic Range Technology
  • Full HD Recording
  • Support micro SD card upto 256 GB
  • When memory card is full it will overwrite the oldest video
  • High quality resolution
  • Auto accident detection
  • 6 Layers glass lens
  • Amazing angle setting of 170 degrees
  • G-Sensor which detects collision
  • WDR is for recording in low light conditions
  • You need to purchase the SD Card separately
  • No 12V adapter for use in cars

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Best GPS Dash cam for Truck Drivers

#2. KDlinks x1 GPS Enabled Full HD 1920×1080

KDlinks x1 GPS Enabled Full HD

KDlinks X1 dash cam records your video in 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. 165 degrees viewing field of vision gives you the maximum range of viewing and it can read a license plate at 10 to 20 meters. Its screen is 2.7 inches and you can easily see your recording of any incident. This model is the best video quality dash cam with GPS.

It uses WDR technology which is useful in both day and night recording. If you are driving under low light conditions, you can easily adjust the setting to record high-quality recording. You can rotate this dashcam on 360 degrees and its quick zoom button provides you the ability to zoom any video to see the clear result.

KD links X1 dash camera offers you the 8GB SD memory card and its loop recording facility continues the recording and overwrites the old files when a memory card is full. Its built-in G-sensor locks the important data like sudden impacts of hand brake or any accident. This data can’t be overwritten and you can show this as proof of your insurance company.

It also offers GPS technology so you can easily find your destination and it also records the vehicle’s location and speed for future use. You can check your route on Google Maps through included KDLINKS Player Software. One year manufacturer warranty comes with this model which is good for any buyer. It is a high definition dash cam that comes at low cost.


  • 165 degree Wide Viewing Angle
  • 1920×1080 HD result
  • Standby Battery 110 MAH
  • Auto-detection
  • 8GB SD memory card
  • GPS
  • Built-in G-Sensor
  • 2.7-inch screen
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Six-glass F1.6 lens
  • Full HD resolution result
  • Emergency Lock Button
  • GPS uses to track your way
  • Superior Night Vision
  • One Year Warranty
  • 165 degree viewing angle
  • You must need large SD card for long term
  • Small Screen

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Best Cheap Mini Dash Cam for Semi Trucks

#3. AUKEY DR01 Mini Dash Cam

AUKEY DR01 Mini Dash Cam
AUKEY DR01 Mini Dash Cam

Many brands offer different types of dash cams but here we present one of the best inexpensive dashcam Aukey DR01 which is using by many truck owners or truck drivers. It is one of the inexpensive commercial truck dash cameras for truck owners.

This dashcam records the video in 1080P resolution at 30fps and 60fps at 720p. It uses a Sony Exmor IMX323 Sensor which captures the Ultra-clear images, especially in night driving. Its LCD screen is 2-inches which is helpful when you see the clear footage of any incident.

Everyone wants a dashcam that covers full road and this one offers you the 170-degree viewing angle which records your unwanted incident. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is also one of the great features for this camera, with the use of this feature camera takes quality images in HD even in low-light conditions.

Moreover, Aukey DR01 have few buttons which are used for controlling the menu. This device easily used for many hours even in hot or cold weather. You can easily mount this cam to your dashboard or windshield in few seconds with a suction cup or 3M pad.

Gravity Sensor is also a plus point in this cheap dashcam and it locks the footage for future use. If this feature is not added in this dashcam so it records in a loop and then delete it to save the space in SD Card. Thus, if you want a night dash cam but you have a low budget so this Aukey Dashcam is an excellent option.

It also has an Emergency Recording feature which is good in that condition when you forget to turn ON the camera but it automatically turns ON and captures the images in case of any incident. Overall, it is the best small dashcam with continuous recording but some time truck owners also want the best rearview mirror cameras for their vehicle.


  • Easy Mounting
  • Loop Recording
  • 170-degree viewing angle
  • 2 inches LCD Screen
  • Sony Exmor IMX323 Sensor
  • G-Sensor
  • Audio Recording
  • Capacitor
  • Very resistant to heat and cold
  • Inexpensive
  • Emergency Recording Option
  • 2 years Warranty
  • 1080P Resolution in cheap price
  • Support up to 128GB micro SD card
  • Operate in extreme temperature minus 22 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 170 degree wider field of view
  • No GPS
  • Doesn’t comes with SD Card
  • Audio Quality is not so good
  • No Motion Detection

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So finally we listed some best dash cameras for truckers or commercial trucks in different price ranges. Many people also want best backup cameras with night vision especially those they travel from one city to another in the night. Some of the people asking questions which we separately answered below.

Frequently Asked Question / People also ask

What’s the best dash cam for truckers 2021?

In 2021, there are many brands that can offer different models in dash cams for truckers or drivers but everyone wants the best one. Actually the thing is, everyone has its own needs or budget but if you check our article we recommended the Rexing V1 Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam which has almost all features that offer many premium models.

Do truck drivers have dash cameras?

In the past, some drivers have dash cameras because people didn’t know the importance of that camera but now everyone knows how the dashcam saves you from any loss. You can show your accidental footage when an incident occurs.

Do semi-trucks have dash cameras?

Yes, nowadays every semi-trucks have dash cameras. Especially some owners buy dashcam that comes with GPS technology. With the help of GPS, they can easily see where the truck driver drives their truck and how much more time needs to reach its destination.

Which Dash Cam is the best to buy?

Every Dash Cam has its own features and quality. Firstly you just need to know your needs after that compare it with these top models and pick within your budget.

KDlinks x1 GPS Enabled Full HD
AUKEY DR01 Mini Dash Cam
Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam
Garmin Dash Cam 65
Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Should you leave your dash cam in the car?

Yes, you can easily leave your dashcam in the car because there are parking mode features in the dashcams and when you turn Off your vehicle your camera will go into parking mode.

It will not record constantly but if any movement detects around the vehicle it saves the recording. This feature is very valuable and shows the evidence in court if any criminal activity occurs with your vehicle.

Will leaving a dashcam drain my battery?

Don’t worry, you can easily leave your dash cam in a car and it can’t drain your car battery. So without any worry, you can leave dashcam in your vehicle.

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