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Are you a technology lover or want to buy the best laptop with Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11 ax in 2020? Basically, Wifi 6 is a new technology that was released in 2019. Its main aim is to increase the speed of the internet and decrease the amount of traffic on one network.

In the technology world, faster internet is one of the big demands for any IT or other sectors. More and more employees are hired which means internet users are increased which needs more bandwidth.

In these circumstances, Wifi 6 technology performs an important role in any industry where work is a majority on an online basis and this technology getting fame in a small time of period.

Buying a laptop or PC with wifi 6 technology is one of the big achievement but many of us don’t afford the Wifi 6 laptops because they are expensive so they can easily upgrade their system by using Wifi 6 Cards in their old system.

But if you have enough money to purchase the best wifi 6 laptops then we are here with some great models of different brands. Acer, Microsoft, Asus, and many other models come with this technology.

You just need to analyze which one is best for you according to your work and after that pick that one and hope you will love the new Wifi 6 speed. Also, see Best Wifi 6 routers in 2020 and enjoy the speed of the internet.

List of Best Laptops with Wi-fi 6 in 2020

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