Top 10 Best Ring Lights for Selfie 2021 [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Are you a selfie lover or you want the best ring light for selfie UK or for TikTok videos in 2021? A ring light is a big achievement for photography lovers because every photographer love to click some adorable pictures which can attract the people.

Everyone wants some beauty clicks with their cams and many new filters are introduced in every mobile but with the help of ring light, there is more beauty added which others filter can’t make.

If you are a selfie lover or photographer lover you need this light which gives you the perfect result or if you are a photographer by profession then you must need to add this technology in your accessories.

Many of the TikTok lovers can use LED strip lights and ring lights for making TikTok videos and these videos have good quality. These ring lights are not much big in size or heavy in weight so you don’t have any issue regarding making your selfies or videos outside the house.

When you are buying the best LED ring light for selfies with stand you must need to check some main features in that product which you like to buy.

Some main points like battery life because when you go outside you don’t have a charging option. Its weight because heavy ring light will not easy to pick and must check the lightning modes.

But the main thing how can buy the best ever product because the market is too big so you don’t need to worry. We are here after a lot of research and pick those top models which are on good selling demand and highly recommend by big photographers.

Check the top list of best selfie ring lights with tripod and read the detailed review after that, pick which you like and give us feedback that how much you like that product.

List Of Top Rated Best Ring Lights for Selfie

  1. XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light 
  2. Elgato 10LAC9901 Ring Light Premium Edge-lit Ring Light
  3. TaoTronics TT-CL030 Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand
  4. QIAYA Selfie Light Rechargeable Ring Light
  5. Gearlight Radiance Selfie Ring Light for Laptop
  6. Neewer 18-inch SMD LED Ring Light Dimmable Lighting Kit
  7. Westcott 18” Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit with Batteries and Stand

1- XINBAOHONG 43272-6138 Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light 

XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

With multiple usages on the go, this selfie ring light by Xinbaohong is compatible with all devices. Take pictures in the dark area or use it as an emergency flashlight; both will do. The wireless and rechargeable design makes it easy to carry it in your bag or luggage. Its 15mm clip can attach it to any device in an instant casting lighter shades around the face.

The three-level brightness is adjustable with a button for receiving normal, medium, and brighter light. Charge this light with a USB through your smartphone, laptop, or power bank for using it any time. A number of 36 LEDs work perfectly for glamour shots, selfies, and portraits, in addition to 4 modes.

Depending on the user’s usage, the timing of the battery is between 1 to 5 hours which is quite enough for a complete shoot. Its compact design enables easy to carry facility and can be taken with you on a party, shoot, or anywhere you like. Clip it with a selfie stick or use it as it is for picture-perfect portraits of yourself, food, pets, or a dark room.

Easy compatibility with all the phones, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, iPads, and all other devices, is truly a blessing. The bulbs have a long-lasting life that glows amazingly differently in low light for giving you a professional photography look in your pictures and videos.

If you are a blogger who keeps your phone buzzing all the time and travels to lots of places, this gadget is for you. Even if you are not, but you love traveling and taking aesthetics pictures, get your hands on this beauty that is only 0.8 inches thick.

2- Elgato 10LAC9901 Ring Light Premium Edge-lit Ring Light

Elgato 10LAC9901 Ring Light Premium Edge-lit Ring Light

Elgato introduces a premium ring light with a 17.2 inches stand and 17 inches wide diameter. Perfect for indoor r outdoor shoots and videography, this light has its edges lit. This is more of a professional stand due to its features with ball mount capability in ¼ inches screws.

Angle your camera or phone separately as both devices can be connected and adjusted simultaneously but independently. The inclusion of 2 diffusion layers, namely opal and translucent grid panels, allows the light to be vibrant and gentle on the person. The former blends the light beams into a photon transmission, whereas the latter breaks into a million more beams.

For a cinematic experience, and the ultra-reflective film is present that scatters the light outwards onto the subject. As much as it is ideal for facial contours due to its LED-lit frame design, it is also flicker-free and color adjustable through application control. The edge-lit panel does not flash harsh light directly into the eyes but removes dark spots evenly from the face.

For close-up illumination and those trendy transition videos, this ring light is your partner in crime. Flattering the skin, eliminating shadows, and sparkle in the eyes are all perks of this product. 2500 lumens can be fully lit and dimmable for adaptation to any environment.

Some lights are so harsh that they can sweat away from your makeup look and be harmful to your eyes. But this ring light is designed with a certain architecture that will still be kind to your eyes no matter how long you use it.

3- TaoTronics TT-CL030 Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

TaoTronics TT-CL030  Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Create your mini-studio with TaoTronics 14 inches of selfie ring light and tripod that is a premium made. From the premium alloy metal with 1mm thickness of the stand is able to stand perfectly on the floor for stable recording. Find your sweet spot by tilting the ring light up to 60 degrees backward and forwards.

360 rotation is possible upon the light for picking an angle for your blindspot and shadow-free frame. Firm and strong dual clips with springs are present in the middle of the circle for holding your phone. With a 2 and 3.2 inches width, this clip grips every gadget firmly without scratching their bodies.

263 LEDs on a 5.4 inches luminous area of the ring is precise enough to support a glamorous look for the camera. The diameter of the light ranges up to 14 inches, with 10 brightness options maximum suitable for your usage. Reproducing incredible color display with a 95 CRI rating, the professional shoot is possible at home.

Bluetooth 2.4 G support and remote control access make this ring light a thing of today’s era. This feature lets you adjust the brightness, color temperature, and much more in a video mode from 100 feet apart. Compatible with all smartphones and cameras, it is a versatile product that covers all your needs.

A sturdy stand serves the stability in the pictures and videos, eliminating blur frames, and is lightweight to carry around with you. The extension of the stand ranges from 17 to 78 inches in length.

A power cable needs to be attached with a 36-watt powerhouse for charging this gadget. 100-240V at 50 to 60Hz is the input you get; on the other hand, 24V 1.5A is the ultimate output. With a life span of 20,000 hours, you get a lifelong companionship with your new friend.

4- QIAYA Selfie Light Rechargeable Ring Light

QIAYA Selfie Light Rechargeable Ring Light

An incredible selfie ring light by Qiaya is on its way to out-market all the other brands with the same product. This compact design device is ready to use wherever you are and can provide stunning photos. Evenly distributed brightness levels are the reason for flawless glam shots on the go.

Save your money that you spend on professional photographers when you can’t polish this skill yourself. This selfie ring light is the solution to your photography issues as you need a person to click your aesthetically pleasing pictures. You do not have to change the batteries every 2 weeks with a USB charging cable.

Making your life easier, just plug the charging cable into a power source such as a laptop, adapter, or power bank—the most convenient way to get your ring light to be reloaded and ready for action again. The device comes in exclusive packaging, so if you think of buying your friends or loved ones a gift, this can be your shot. 

Attend your meetings even if you have a dark room and not appropriate lighting for that matter. This ring light attaches to laptops as well as other gadgets and enables a natural-looking face on the screen. With 3 brightness levels, it is ideal for shooting for various purposes such as makeup, selfies, and vlogging.

Highlighting you in the frame and everything else in the dark spot is an eye-catching technique for shooting in a dark area. Fantastic for carrying it around wherever you go, and easy to plug and play type facility is remarkable.

5- Gearlight Radiance Selfie Ring Light for Laptop

Gearlight Radiance Selfie Ring Light for Laptop

Glow with a different vibe and radiance through this 3.5 inches selfie ring light by GearLight. Quality assurance is the priority of this device as it is programmed to perform with high LED flash. The brand is known for its lanterns, backlights, flashlights, and much more, with maximum delivery in each product, so it knows the game.

It comes with an extra-long charging cable as this machine is rechargeable, taking away the hassle of changing batteries. Making it your long-time companion for taking pictures or attending your meetings with professional lighting equipment.

Every day using device consists of 3 light modes appropriate for various purposes. Compatible with all android or apple devices, including phones or laptops, is a blessing. Flexible 1.25 wide clip opens to grip the top of the machine it is connected with. No matter how bumpy or difficult the ride gets, this ring light is not coming off easily unless unclipped.

Portable or pocket size 3.5 inches, on the whole, makes it easy to carry it around with you wherever you go. Warm, daylight, and white are the modes present, and change the light color to slightly yellowish as the white light can become harsh for the eyes.

With high charging capacity, the device is capable of a maximum of 2 hours of high usage. 600 watts mAh battery lets the light still work under low energy levels and USB plug-in. It is an all-rounder solution for Youtube videos, TikTok trends, Instagram selfies, and much more.

6- Neewer 18-inch SMD LED Ring Light Dimmable Lighting Kit

Neewer 18-inch SMD LED Ring Light Dimmable Lighting Kit

Display your hidden talents in front of the world with Neewer 18 inches SMD ring light kit. Give a touch of cinematic experience with the change in skin tone through 2 diffusing filters. The white one gives an original but smoother look, whereas the orange filter serves a pigmented frame.

The brand is known worldwide for creating expert gadgets to make tasks easy for humankind. Such as this ring light that is adjustable for its brightness and dimness to set the tone of your look is live evidence of the brand’s expertise. 240 LED bulbs are placed with a total power of 55W and 4800LM illumination.

A thread ball head is present that holds your phone vertically or horizontal orientation and locks it into position above the stand. With 360 rotation, you get to find your sweet spot for a picture-perfect selfie. The adapter is known for its strong grip and holds your phone strong enough to let it slip out.

Aluminum alloy stands are durable and lightweight, with quality assurance by the brand itself. Carry it with you and create your mini studio out of your room with this compact and travel-friendly stand. Easy collapse and extending capability lock the safety and quality into the bag.

You get to brag about your ring light as much as you want as it comes with a US plug to let it spread the magic. Ideal for shooting videos for your social media channels, interview tapes, and following TikTok trends in addition to professional photoshoots. Not only does this light enhance the glow in your content, but it also adds a sparkle in the eyes with 3 leg stand’s stability.

7- Westcott 18” Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit with Batteries and Stand

Westcott 18” Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit with Batteries and Stand

A complete kit for your vlogging, makeup videos, or TikTok is available by the famous Westcott. An 18 inches light offers catching effects and eliminates shadows reducing facial imperfections. Manage your studio with an adjustable intensity of light and color temperatures with easy control buttons.

Mount your cameras, smartphones, or digital devices onto the adapter with a strong grip on each machine. A stunning light quality is flashed onto the user’s face up to 3200K temperature and 5600K brightness level. 100% flicker-free technology is kind to the eyes for a longer usage period and professional video recording.

6.5 inches of the stand made from durable aluminum stands tall and consists of a multi-mount option. The flexibility in its gooseneck lets you adjust the angle by -20 degrees. AC adapters are used for charging batteries and get the accessories ready for action again. The light provides 70 minutes with full power after minimum charging time.

Soft lighting is provided with a Bi-color LED that consists of different tones for each event. Capture the perfection in your portraits, headshots, product shoots, vlogging, interviewing, and much more with this single kit. As lightweight as it is, portability allows you to carry it with you wherever you travel.

The brand offers a 1-year quality warranty with US customer services in addition to diffuser filters and NP-750 batteries. The setting up process is not difficult and adjusts the light according to your need and demand. User-friendly equipment is what makes this ring light many customer’s favorites.

Buying guide for ring lights

Social media influencing is increasing day by day, and with that, the best ring lights are in trend. After the medical department, it is used by almost all the people around the world, specifically bloggers, photographers, videographers, or social media content creators. It is a good substitute while recording in a dark room or not a well-lit area.

Picture perfection:

By reducing blemishes, a ring light illuminates the person as the light is close to the lens’s optical axis. This, commonly known as beauty light or glamour, looks better on the camera screen as it eliminates shadows and dark spots. With a little makeup and ring light effects, you can create beautiful portraits, videos, or glamour shots on the go.


No need to hire an expensive media person to start your online page as you just need this ring light to start with. These products come in varied sizes and shapes, where some are 3.5 inches wide, whereas others are 14 inches in diameter. There are single clipping selfie ring lights and a full kit with an aluminum stand with a height of 78 inches if it is extendable.

Travel friendly:

The portability factor is present in all these lights as the difference is just in the size of the accessories. Easy to carry around with you during your travel shoots or moving places. These ring lights are carried into your luggage or handbag if the size is small. These rings come with USB or power cables to charge them and get back into action through smartphones, laptops, power banks, or other power sources.

Brightness adjustment:

Maximum 10 brightness levels to 3 modes are present in these devices for adjusting it according to the environment and usage. Certain applications are paired with these lights via Bluetooth to match the glamour. 36 to 240 LED bulbs are present from a smaller to a larger light with adjustable brightness levels.

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