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We receive many of the queries about can we use a blender instead of a food processor because many of the people have a blender but they don’t know they are used this blender as a food processor or not?

Many of the recipes which need a food processor easily handle with blenders but if you want to knead dough this task is not good for doing in blender because it needs more dough blades which many of the food processors offer but blenders not.

Before going deeply into which type of tasks are easily done by the blenders instead of food processors we need to analyze some basic differences between food processors and blenders.

Difference between Food Processor and Blender

There are many differences between the food processor and blender which depends on ingredients but it doesn’t mean you can’t use the blender instead of food processor. So firstly we differentiate the food processor and blender after that we give you suggestions about how to use a blender instead of a food processor.

Food Processors

Food processors are one of the useful kitchen appliances which use almost every house and save time. It comes with less powerful motor then blender but their blades are more sharped like its dough blades are specially made for kneading the dough whereas in blender no other blades option makes the blender durable.

Its sharp blades and discs are best for chopping, slicing, pureeing, grating, and shredding so you can make a variety of foods in less time with the use of just one machine which is a food processor.

Mostly food processors come with the option of shredding and slicing blades which gives the advantage to the user during the use of shredding or slicing the vegetables.

Many of the kitchen experts making the different type of sauces using food processor and it is best for chopping and grinding the hard things like nuts and seeds.

Food processors come in different types of capacity which are 3 cups to 16 cups so everyone purchases it according to their need and a big bowl is easy to put ingredients whatever it is hard or soft it gives the perfect result.

When Use a Food Processor?

Basically, when you have hard ingredients like if you want to make nut butter, sauces with texture, and kneading dough then the food processor gives you the best result with the help of its blades.

Its different types of blades perform in different conditions and this machine is not recommended to make liquid things like cold coffer or any other smoothies.

So you should avoid to use the food processor when you have liquid things.


When we check the main difference between the food processor and blenders then we come to know that blender has a more powerful motor than food processors because it is specially made for crushing the ice and making a different type of smoothies so powerful motor is required for that type of task.

Whereas its blades are not much sharp than food processors but it can make perfect smoothies for you. You can easily blend all types of liquid things and enjoy the drinks by using a blender.

Blender is also recommended by many moms who want to make baby food and soups in less time.

When to Use a Blender?

It is perfect for those who making some icy drinks like margaritas or pina Coladas because its powerful motor easily crushes the ice cubes and makes the perfect smoothy for you.

If you are in summer and want to purchase the blender for margaritas then must see the buying guide on the best blender for margaritas.

For pureeing, blender gives a better result than a food processor so you can easily make different types of thick vegetable soups whereas the food processor doesn’t give the fine results.

Which points Consider before using a blender instead of Food processor?

You can use a blender as a food processor but the result may be not same because both the blender and food processor have different functions but if you are in a hurry and you have a blender than some items you can make with the help of this machine instead of the food processor.

Less Ingredients:

If you want a result like food processor from blender then must add the less ingredients than food processors because it takes time to blend.

If you add the same amount in the blender then it doesn’t work well and many of the material attached to the top of the pitcher which is not like the same mixture which is at the bottom. So we must add half of the quantity from the food processor if you want the fine result.


Must see the motor power of the blender because many of the cheap blenders come in the market which is not good for doing the task which you need. Some of the powerful motor blenders which work fine under every task are:

Speed Settings:

When you are using the blender instead of food processor then must check its settings first because blender comes with different speed settings. Some of the blenders comes with 1 to 3 speed settings whereas other comes with 1 to 6 speed settings.

If you want to make some margaritas or chopping the ice or making some smoothies then you can use 3rd speed limit otherwise if you want to make purees then the highest settings will be recommended.

Other Attachments:

Many of the models of blenders come with the extra attachments which are good for that purpose when you want to run a food processor as a blender. So must check which type of attachments your blender have and use in your purpose. Some people also have the best blender food processor combo so they can easily make any type of thing.

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FAQ and People Also Ask About Can I use a Blender instead of a Food Processor?

There are some more questions which many of the people asks on different platforms but don’t get the proper answer so we are here with the perfect answers of that question.

How to Use a Blender as a Food Processor?

You can use a blender as a food processor for making baby food, bread crumbs, shredded cheese and many more items but you must be carefully read all of these points which we describes earlier before using the blender.

Can you use a blender to chop nuts?

No, we don’t recommends you to chop the heavy ingredients like nuts in the blender. For this task food processor gives you the perfect result and you can get the finest result using food processor.

Can you use a blender to chop vegetables?

For chopping the vegetables in a blender instead of a food processor you can get the perfect result but must need to check the quantity level of the vegetables because blender takes some time and you need to add just half of the quantity first and Run the blender after that add more vegetables and chop you can get the good result.

Can i use a blender to make breadcrumbs?

Yes, you can make the bread crumbs by using the blender but doesn’t overfill the bread in the blender. In a food processor, you can make these breadcrumbs in just 30 to 45 seconds but in a blender when the quantity is less than the food processor it takes more time than a food processor.

Can you make peanut butter in a blender?

As you know peanut butter is the hard ingredients which are not good for chopping and blending in the blender so w don’t recommends you to make a peanut butter in the blender. For this food processor is a great choice which comes in many good ranges.

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