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Check out detailed comparison of Fry Daddy vs Granpappy electric deep fryers. After reading this review with buying guide you will be able to make the right decision.

Fry Daddy vs Granpappy

In the Fry Daddy vs Granpappy comparison, first we are going to write about Fry Daddy.

Fry Daddy Review

Fry Daddy is affordable fryer, and uses less oil to complete the frying process. You need only four cups of oil to make the equal servings meal. When you are done frying, it will store the remaining oil so that you can use it again.

Fry Daddy vs Granpappy Features

Fry Daddy doesn’t have a thermostat temperature controller install to control the head, which means it’s a plug and play fryer. It automatically maintains the required frying temperature, to keep you safe from temperature control issue and focus on your cooking.

The main thing that makes most of its lovers love it, the price. Fry Daddy, by far, one of the most economical models in the entire Deep Fryer Market, as the model is a budget device. These qualities make this model unique for way too many people who don’t or can’t spend more on home appliances.


  • Easy to clean! Nonstick surface inside and out
  • One year limited warranty
  • Easy to operate: No buttons, just plug it in


  • Fry Daddy is of low capacity
  • The lid is made of plastic, which is not recommended
  • Only limited to four servings per cycle

Fry Granpappy Review

Chief and small, this ready to use deep fryer gives what it is assumed to do. The Presto Fry GranPappy doesn’t need a lot of kitchen space and is user friendly. If you decide with Granpappy, all you need to do is plug-in, add oil, and wait for it to do the magic.

Fry Daddy vs Granpappy Features

This deep fryer holds half of the dozen cups of oil, and it can handle up to six portions per use. It comes with a builtin thermostat that maintains the oil to stays hot and at best frying heat. The GranPappy deep fryer is great for french fries, chicken, onion rings, chips and fish, and may more.

The GranPappy comes with a prepacked scoop and turns off immediately if its already at the desired temperature, it also comes with a snap-on lid. GranPappy fryer is user-friendly, as there is no thermostat controller installed.

Therefore, all you need to do is plug the fryer, and wait for 15 minutes for the oil to get to the required temperature. It works at 120 volts, 60hz. This fryer is made of high-quality cast-aluminum to process the heat smoothly for optimal frying results. The inner part of it is non-stick, so the food doesn’t stick to it and is easy to clean.


  • Easy to Lift Handle and snap-on lid make for easy transporting, and storage
  • Automatic temperature setting, no dial necessary
  • Non-stick coating make it easy to clean


  • GranPappy doesn’t come with a basket to hold the food.
  • Its lid is made of plastic and will melt down easily.
  • It gets hot very fast due to no heat-resistant coating.
  • Don’t have visible thermostat to measure the temperature.

Fry Daddy vs Granpappy Comparison

Both Fry Daddy and Fry Granpappy are very identical machines. Both devices automatically heat the oil to 400ºF and use scoops to pick the food from the bucket. None of these is safe to dish-washing, and you should not sinking them underwater. Both are spills and odors safe, thanks to its snap-on lids.

The main difference between these two is serving capacity. The Fry Daddy is limited to four cups of oil and four servings at a time. However, Fry Granpappy can store six cups of oil and allows up to six servings of food at a time. Also, Granpappy is more powerful 1500W, compared to Fry Daddy 1200W.


Both Fry Daddy and Granpappy are perfect for deep frying the food. If you are only planning to fry food for a small gathering, the Fry Daddy is going to help you a lot. But, if you plan to cook regularly for the entire family, we highly recommend the Fry Granpappy for its large bucket.

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