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There are many different ways of defrosting the frozen pizza dough but it actually depends on you how much time you have for making a meal.

For defrosting, there are two main methods which are hot and cold. If you have some time then go with the cold option and many of the professionals recommend the cold defrosting method.

Otherwise, if you need quick defrosting then go with the hot water option or microwave option. Let’s discuss briefly some of these valuable points which gives you the advantage while defrosting the pizza dough.

In a Bowl of Cold Water:

One and the most using technique for defrosting the pizza dough is cold water. First of all, remove the pizza dough from the freezer and keep it in an airtight bag.

After that pick one bowl in which the pizza dough easily keeps in this bowl and add the cold water unless all the pizza dough doesn’t dip properly.

Leave this cold water bowl for one to two hours and you can see the changes. After some hours, remove it from cold water and open from the bag and put it in the dry bowl for an hour.

After an hour, your pizza dough is ready for making pizza. It is one of the best steps when you are not in a hurry as if you arrange some gathering at your place then you have enough time for doing this technique.

Leaving it on the Counter:

This method also comes in the category of cold strategy because no any type of hot things touches to the pizza dough and it will easily take up to 90 to 120 minutes.

It is very simple method you just need one container which covers with plastic wrap. Take out the pizza dough from the freezer and remove the plastic storage bag then put this pizza dough in the container.

After 120 minutes checked your pizza dough, it will thaw and your pizza dough is ready for baking. It is the best way to thaw frozen pizza dough.

In the Refrigerator:

This process is used when you have some party of function at your house and you are fully prepared for party and want to make some special pizza then firstly you need to take your pizza dough from the freezer and keep stored in the airtight bag.

Afterthat, pick one bowl that is enough for expanding the pizza dough. Put the pizza dough in that bowl and keep safe in your refrigerator. Leave it for 7 to 8 hours and remove the storage bag from pizza dough you can check how much easily it expand and defrost in these hours.

Must keep the pizza dough on the counter for an hour because a good pizza dough must be on room temperature before baking.

You can use this procedure 8 to 10 hours before the party like one day before the party you must need to remove it from the freezer.

In a Bowl of Hot Water:

Hot water process is one of the quick defrosting process and it is used when you want to make a pizza in an hour. Firstly get your pizza dough from the freezer and pick one bowl of warm water.

Put the freeze pizza dough in the airtight plastic bag make sure there are no more air in the plastic bag and put this into the warm water bowl.

Change the hot water after every 10 minutes until the dough will thaw and you need just 30 minutes to take this after that your pizza dough is ready for baking.

Using a Microwave for Defrosting the Pizza Dough:

Firstly we recommend not used this method because it may be partially cooking your dough during deforesting but if you have a small-time period and you want some quick service of defrosting the pizza dough then go with this technique.

You can use the oil on dough wrap and on plastic bag in which pizza dough is sealed. Spray the both sides of the wrap with oil because otherwise dough stick with plate.

After the spraying the oil, set the timer of 20 to 25 seconds because in this small period it will not baked. Then change the side of the dough and again set the timer of the same time limit and you can check it will start thawing.

After some thawing, go with the deforesting level in microwave for which is just 3 to 5 minutes and actually it depends on your dough size.

Then remove the dough from microwave and put it on the counter for room temperature. After some time you see it will rise in room temperature and your baking pizza dough is ready for use.

FAQ / People Also Ask About thawing the Frozen Pizza Dough

How to defrost pizza dough quickly?

You are worried about how to defrosting the pizza dough quickly so must check our 4th and 5th point in which we are using microwave and warm water for thawing the pizza dough. The microwave option is the fastest way for thawing the pizza dough quickly but it needs more care because sometimes dough may be partially baked.

How to thaw frozen pizza dough ball?

Everyone wants to thaw the frozen pizza dough ball but which option is best is based on according to your time limit. We write 5 different ways of thawing the pizza dough ball which helps you every time. Must try these options and give us a review of which one is best for you.

Can you defrost pizza dough in the microwave?

Yes, you can defrosting the pizza dough in the microwave and it takes less then 7 minutes for thawing. Many of the professional doesn’t recommends this way because if you don’t use in the right way then it may be partially cooked the dough and doesn’t baked fine.

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