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Want to know how to do a tumble turn? learn how to do flip turns in freestyle swimming.

How to Do A Tumble Turn

Want to look like a pro swimmer in the pool? Follow these pro five steps to mastering the tumble turn.

This seems to be one of those skills that everyone want to learn because it would be a good skill to have, although secretly I think everyone wants to do them because it makes you look like a pro swimmer! So here are my five steps to mastering the tumble turn.

It’s important to be tucked in as tight as you can. Chin into your chest, knees under your chin in a tight ball.

How to Do A Tumble Turn

Follow the below simple steps to master the tumble turn.

Step 1 Bubbles:

It’s so important to be able to blow bubbles out of your nose for a tumble turn. You are going to be upside down and if you can’t blow bubbles, water will go up your nose and nobody likes that! So practice blowing bubbles out of your nose underwater.

Step 2 The Tumble:

When was the last time you tried doing a forward roll? Not since you were 12, I hear you say? So you need to dedicate some time to reminding yourself how to do it. In the shallow end of the pool, away from the wall, squat down in the water and jump forward into a forward roll. Try to jump forwards in the water rather than up in the air. But don’t worry if you jump right out of the water, you are just learning the motion right now. It’s important to be tucked in as tight as you can, chin into your chest, knees under your chin in a tight ball. Try using your arms to help you get around if you are struggling. Once you have mastered the jumping tumble, try to do a tumble with no momentum, lying lat in the water.

Step 3 The push-of:

Now we are going to focus on the push of, which is a key part of the turn that often gets forgotten. The most efficient way is to push of the wall on your back and then twist onto your front during the push of. Start with your feet on the wall and try pushing of on your back (blowing bubbles remember), arms in a streamlined position, body nice and tight. Try this a few times to get used to where your feet should sit on the wall – too high and you’ll push of to the bottom of the pool, too low and you’ll pop up too quickly from the push of. Feet should be shoulder width apart a couple of feet below the surface.

Push off on your back with your arms in a streamlined position.

Step 4 The twist:

Once you’ve mastered your push-offs it’s time to get back onto your front. The best way to do this is to start twisting your body as soon as you push of so you end up back on your front ready to do your first stroke.

Start twisting your body as soon as you push off.

Step 5 Piecing it all together:

Now it’s time to put everything together! Start with a tumble and place your feet on the wall; practice this until you nail it every time. Once you feel like you’ve got that mastered then it’s time to add the push-of.

Important things to remember

Looking down into the turn will mean your body is in a better position. Tuck everything in to make yourself as small a ball as possible. Use your arms to help you if you need to. Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the wall on your back, push of the wall quickly and turn onto your front during your push of. Don’t forget to blow bubbles!

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