How to Go green in The Bathroom

Useful tips to go green in the bathroom. It takes just a few steps to ensure that all of your washroom products are environmentally neutral.

Give up the wipes

In the average bin, you are likely to find many repeat offenders, from cotton buds to contact lenses and wet wipes. We have a massive addiction to wipes for all uses. These can’t be disposed of in a toilet, and neither should they be flushed down a campsite toilet.

Many don’t break down quickly enough and contain plastic that contaminates the environment. The answer? Stop using wipes and opt for a more sustainable alternative, such as a muslin cloth with make-up remover, or better still, fashion your washable wipes from cut-up squares of an old towel.

Switch the shampoo

The everyday shampoo is not only encased in plastic, but it is also full of unpleasant chemicals, such as sodium Laureth sulfate. This is the foaming agent that makes your hair super-soapy – but many sulfates are derived from palm oil.

Palm oil is bad for the environment because of the way in which it is extracted, and the massive amount of deforestation that occurs in growing the trees. The liquid shampoo also involves buying yet another single-use plastic bottle. Switching to shampoo bars avoids plastic and some of those sulfates.

Don’t forget your toothbrush

Did you know that discarded plastic toothbrushes can take more than 400 years to decompose? One of the most straightforward steps towards achieving greater eco-friendliness is switching from plastic to a bamboo brush.

Many companies now produce bamboo toothbrushes, from those with bamboo handles but non-compostable heads (which must be cut off before disposal) to fully biodegradable brushes. You can find them online or at most health and eco-shops on the high street.

Shorten your shower

The amount of water that you use when you’re having a shower in your limited by the size of your water tank, so it’s tempting to take a longer shower when you’re using the site wash-block. But an average shower uses about five gallons of water per minute, so shortening your ablutions by two minutes can cut your water usage by 10 gallons!

There are now many excellent products on the market that can help to make the washroom Eco-friendlier.

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