How to Make Clear Ice Cubes For Whiskey Carving

Let’s see how to make clear ice cubes for whiskey and how to make clear ice blocks for carving at home.

Making cloudy ice might not be difficult, but it’s a big ol’ myth that trapped gases and impurities from cloudy ice negatively impact a drink’s flavor.

(Unless that ice is from a deep freezer that hasn’t been cleaned in ages, of course.)

But to wow a crowd, there’s nothing like serving a Negroni over a crystal-clear rock. “Anything that looks that awesome.

I think, is going to make it taste a little more awesome. Bartenders use professionally produced clear ice, but at home, you have to put in a little extra elbow grease.

how to make clear ice cubes
how to make clear ice cubes

How to Make Clear Ice Cubes

  1. Fill a small hard-sided cooler with hot water from a faucet. Let the water cool, then place the cooler in your freezer with its lid open or off. Allow the water to freeze almost completely, which takes one to three days depending on the cooler’s size and your freezer’s temperature.
  2. Remove the cooler. Let the ice thaw slightly until it glistens, then invert the cooler onto a bar mat so the ice frees itself. Cloudy ice may have formed at the bottom of the cooler, while the rest will be clear.
  3. Set the block on its side, with the cloudy ice facing left or right. Cut off the cloudy portion by gently rubbing a bread knife back and forth on the top of the block until an indent forms. Then, while the knife is still touching the ice, tap the back of the blade with a mallet. The cloudy ice should break off cleanly.
  4. Use the same method described in step 3 to cut the block into smaller 1- or 2-inch cubes. Use immediately, or place back in your freezer until needed.

Hope you have learned how you can make clear ice cubes for whisky and carving at home easily.

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