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Let’s find out how to how to organize a multi purpose room in better way.

Sure, we’d all love a separate play room, home office, laundry room and gym (for drying said laundry in) but, as Winona will tell you, reality bites. Luckily, you don’t need to hold out for a Lottery win to get a house that punches well above its weight. Making the rooms you do have work a lot harder is easier than you might imagine.

Start from the top, in the loft. Whether it’s already converted or still in the planning, you can max-up your investment by designing for dual use. Create a guest bedroom and home office / gaming den / cinema room (delete as applicable). Sofa beds are your hero buy here. A similar scenario can play out in your existing guest bedroom. Unless your home is busier than the nearest Hotel duVin, that room is going to be empty 80 percent of the year, so it will make the perfect quiet place to study, work or just read.

While we’re still upstairs, take a look at your bathroom – any dead space lurking in there? Older homes tend to have bigger bathrooms as they were converted from a bedroom (when the outdoor lavvy kicked the bucket). If you’re in a newer build, is there an airing cupboard you’re not really using? Could you switch to a bath / shower combo rather than a separate enclosure? If so, follow the lead of continental homes and stack the washing machine and dryer in the bathroom (in a cupboard or behind curtains). It makes a lot of sense since you generally take off, and store, your clothes upstairs, so there’s less traipsing up and down with mountainous laundry baskets. And you can free-up space downstairs – winning.

On the ground floor, the kitchen could be targeted to create a zen office space or home workspace – ideally on an island or peninsula. You can also cosy-up a corner for the kids to play in if they’re small and still need supervision. Buying soft seating that converts in to beds isn’t all about sofas. Look for ottomans and pouffes with hidden guest beds that can boost your accommodation in a smaller footprint – like a corner of your dining room, for example, transformable furniture for small spaces.

While you’re busy plotting ways to multitask your rooms, do give a thought for the future. The best homes are future -proofed to adapt as your needs change. You won’t need that play room forever, sob, and is there a chance working from home might become a more full -time option? Plan in that workspace now, or at least get the room wired and source suitable flooring. With a bit of forethought, changing it up will only require a few decorative updates rather than a total over haul. Your future self, and bank balance, will thank you.

How To Decorate Multi Purpose Room

An island unit is fine for a bit of light emailing or monitoring the kids’ homework. But for a more permanent, 9-5, office solution, you will need a dedicated area away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen sink. Try to tuck your desk around the corner if possible, and do include plenty of storage for paperwork, files and folders. Operate a ‘clean desk’ policy when you’re not earning to help you switch off and enjoy decent downtime (and keep meddling fingers away from important documents).

How To Decorate a Dual Purpose Room

Add dining/office facilities in your kitchen without sacrificing worktop space with a split-level island. A 40cm-deep overhang is all you’ll need to provide sufficient room for a plate and glass, or laptop, and space beneath for your knees. Install an electric socket, with USB ports if necessary, to keep devices fully charged while you work but make sure it’s pretty. There’s no need for ugly white sockets to blight your beautiful island with companies like Dowsing & Reynolds and Corston Architectural now selling stylish designs.

Make more room for wardrobes in your bedroom by shifting your dressing table into the bathroom. This trick is especially effective if you have a generous en suite that isn’t shared by the whole household – nobody needs to be banging on a locked door to get to their make-up. A decent extractor fan is key to the safe storage of dressing room essentials. And do make sure your precious beauty products can be stowed safely in a drawer and away from direct contact with water. Include a comfortable chair, or stool that can be tucked under if space is limited. Sockets (for hairdryers) are allowed if they’re fitted at least three metres from the bath or shower.

How To Organize a Multi Purpose Room

Flooring can be tricky in rooms that are to be used for very different purposes. Any space that includes laundry appliances or sinks will benefit from wipe-clean vinyl or tiles that can handle the odd spillage. Add an inexpensive but comfy deep-pile rug to encourage children to keep their play area contained. Carpet tiles offer the best of all worlds. They’re soft underfoot, stain resistant and can be switched if damaged without having to recover the whole floor.

A sofa bed can turn almost any room into guest quarters. If you want visitors to feel really welcome, make the space mimic a proper bedroom when they are staying. Bedding down in your office/playroom/living room/loft is less relaxing than one that’s centred on sleep. Choose dual-purpose furniture; a coffee table that can easily double as a bedside table, or chest of drawers with a mirror on for make-up. Go for blackout lining on window treatments and low-level lighting that can be switched on and off from bed.

Benefits of Multi use Rooms

  1. The importance of fitting locks (high up). You may not need one when the kids are playing Duplo, but when Uncle Gary is staying with his new girlfriend…
  2. You’ll have twice the ‘stuff’ to store – and never the twain should meet. Divide and conquer or, better yet, go full Marie Kondo on all but the barest essentials. Does that dusty DVD collection really spark joy?
  3. Clear desks and paperless work spaces are as mythical as unicorns or mermaids. Invest in a desk/cabinet with doors and shut them. Tra-la-laaa, nothing to see.
  4. No matter how many times you do it, you’ll never remember how to work the sofa bed. Do you pull this bar up or push it down, is there a clip to undo first? Why won’t it just open? Oh, now you’ve tweaked your back.
  5. The sheer genius of Tiny House Nation (Netflix). You’ll be adding a loft bed, drop-down telly and pop-up table, quite possibly in the bathroom, before the end of series one.

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