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Let’s find out vinyl vs laminate flooring pros and cons and what are the pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring.

vinyl vs laminate flooring with pets, vinyl flooring can authentically replicate the natural beauty of wood and stone while offering enhanced durability, comfort and easy maintenance.

It can withstand the demands of busy homes and keep the floor looking great for years.

Many people are also opting for luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) to give rooms an upscale look as it has the functional benefits of vinyl with even greater design versatility and realism.

Innovative designs, high clarity design films and increased shade variation has made it possible to create vinyl products that perfectly resemble natural wood and stone.

LVT can be used where a more complex floor design is desired, allowing you to get creative with patterns, inlay strips and decorative borders.

The quality of a finished installation can depend very much on the preparation of the subfloor.

The requirements vary dependent on the product – the guidelines for installing a vinyl sheet product would differ to those of an LVT one.

Similarly, within the LVT portfolio there are three types of product – locking vinyl, glue down and loose lay.

Each should be approached differently, so seek the manufacturer’s advice on the best preparation techniques.

Both vinyl sheet and LVT are popular for use with underfloor heating and can withstand temperatures up to 27 degrees.

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